In accordance with the Rules on the acquisition, disposal and management of service animals by the Police, no. 024-162/2015/6 (21-04) as of 7 April 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the Rules), the Police publish an invitation to tender for the purchase of dogs for operational work.


Aufforderung zur Abgabe von Angeboten für den Kauf von Hunden für die Einsatzverwendung in der Polizei 


1. Subject of the tender:

eleven (11) dogs for policing purposes for the needs of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia, the Police (hereinafter referred to as the purchase of a dog) according to the invitation to tender.

The contracting authority is not obliged to purchase the entire quantity of dogs.

A bidder may offer one or more dogs.

1.1 Required characteristics of dogs:

Dog's appearance must correspond to the type of a working service dog of the breed German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Rottweiler.

A pedigree is not a condition for its purchase.

The dog must not be younger than 10 months or older than 36 months.

According to the regulations governing the field of animal protection, the dog must be vaccinated against rabies and microchipped in a way which allows the verification of the chip. More than a month must pass from the date of the rabies vaccination to the day of the first test.

A dog that has bitten or otherwise injured a person may not perform the first practical test if the period specified by the regulations on the protection of animals has not yet passed since the bite or injury.  

The contracting authority shall test the dog according to the Rules.

2. Testing of the dog, negotiation and conclusion of the contract of purchase for testing:

The testing of the dog shall be carried out in the department for training service dogs, Gmajnice 34, 1000 Ljubljana. The bidders shall be informed later on the date and time of the testing.    

Upon the first testing, the provider of the dog must submit for review the original passport for pets, the original pedigree (if the dog has one), a written statement dated on the day of the test proving that the dog has not bitten or otherwise hurt a person or an animal in the previous ten days.

The bidder or a person authorised by the bidder shall lead the dog at the first test.

A veterinarian shall carry out a veterinary examination according to the rules of the profession and the Rules. The costs of the veterinary examination shall be borne by the Police.

The commission shall conduct verbal negotiations on price with bidders whose dogs successfully pass the first test; the negotiations will be held with each bidder separately in order of the receipt of bids at the site of the test, which is duly recorded.

Upon the completion of the negotiations, a contract shall be concluded with the bidder based on the resolution of the commission for the purchase of a dog/dogs for testing and the dog/dogs will be accepted for up to a 28-day testing period. Upon the conclusion of the contract, the bidder shall be informed about the test procedure and the conditions for conducting the second test.

The dog shall be assessed according to the criteria laid down in the Rules. After the first test, one of the instructors of the school shall take the dog and take care of it.

If the buyer fails to return the dog by the date agreed in the contract of purchase of a dog for testing, the ownership right shall pass to the buyer.

3. Location of acquisition and testing of the dog:

Police Academy, Department for training service dogs, Gmajnice 34, 1000 Ljubljana.

4. Instructions on the preparation of a bid:

The bid must contain the following elements:

  • company or name of the bidder;
  • contact details of the owner or a person authorised by him;
  • characteristics of the dog;
  • photocopy of the passport for pets from which all vaccinations of the dog are evident;
  • photocopy of the microchip number;
  • photocopy of the pedigree, if the dog has one;
  • sale price:
    • bidders with a registered activity indicate the price with VAT;
    • bidders with no registered activity indicate the gross or net price.

According to the interpretation of the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, the income realised upon the sale of a dog by a breeder who does not perform a registered activity (is not a sole proprietor) shall be treated as an income from other contractual relationships from which all statutory duties must be calculated according to Article 38 of the Personal Income Tax Act (ZDoh-2).

5. Conditions for participation:

In addition to the bid for a public contract, the bidder must also provide at least the following documents:

  • completed form Characteristics of the dog (Appendix no. 1
  • completed form Bid conditions (Appendix no. 2
  • completed form Information on the bidder (Appendix no. 3
  • completed Statement (Appendix no. 4- This statement shall be completed by a bidder who has no registered activity and is a resident of the Republic of Slovenia. If the bidder has no registered activity and is a foreigner, then she/he shall submit form A1: Certificate of the regulations on social security or another relevant certificate issued by a competent authority or insurance institution of another EU Member State instead of this statement.

6. Criterion for selection of bidders:

The bid selection criterion is the price of the dog, which shall be assessed as suitable for the purchase for police needs considering all professional and technical requirements and conditions of the invitation to tender and upon the successful completion of the first test. 

7. Contact person of the Police Academy in relation to the acquisition of the dog and carrying out of animal testing:

Marko Medvešek, head of the department for training service dogs, phone 01/200 2251, for calls from abroad: +386 1200 2251.

8. Collection of bids and the expected time of selection:

The collection of bids shall take place from the date of publishing the invitation to tender until 7.11.2016, namely the deadlines for the submission of bids are as follows:

  • by 23.8.2016, by 15:00,
  • by 14.9.2016, by 15:00,
  • by 10.10.2016,by 15:00,
  • by 7.11.2016, by 15:00.

The Contracting Authority reserves the right to suspend the bidding process, reject a bid or withdraw from purchasing dogs at any time until the conclusion of the transaction.

The bidders shall submit the bids by registered mail or in person to the address of the contracting authority:

Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia, Police
Uniformed Police Directorate
Štefanova ulica 2
1501 Ljubljana

in a sealed envelope with the indication DO NOT OPEN - BID FOR THE PURCHASE OF A DOG, NO. 430-197/2016/2 (2112-04).