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We are publishing a response of the Police Directorate Novo mesto to the editors of the website: regarding procedures with foreigners illegally crossing the state border in their area.

"Dear editor,

We noticed an article posted on your website concerning alleged violence of Slovenian police officers in procedures with foreigners illegally crossing the state border. We examined thoroughly the allegations published in the article and concluded that the events described could have taken place neither in the area of Črnomelj Police Station nor in the wider area of Novo Mesto Police Directorate. The date and time, as well as the number of persons, their nationality or any other parameter indicated in the article do not correspond to any case handled by the police in the area of Novo Mesto Police Directorate.

We want to point out that procedures involving foreigners who illegally cross the state border are often subject to direct monitoring by the Ombudsman and the UNHCR. No irregularities and no unlawful or inappropriate police conduct were identified in procedures with foreigners. Police officers strictly respect their rights and all human rights. All foreigners are given humanitarian aid (food, clothing, etc.) and, if appropriate, medical care. In case they seek asylum, they can file an application for international protection.

It has happened before that when trying to verify migrants' allegations of violence we found that certain information was inaccurate - the individuals making the allegations had either not been processed by our police officers at all or they were unable to provide the date of procedure or the place where they had crossed the border or say the police of which country brutalised them.

We emphasise that all police officers are obliged to carry out their tasks in a legal and professional manner and to respect human rights during procedures. Their work is subject to regular and extraordinary supervision carried out by their police station, regional police directorate and the General Police Directorate. If any irregular or even unlawful conduct is established, appropriate action is taken against police officers concerned.

To make sure the public is given accurate and objective information we demand that our explanation regarding the alleged violence of Črnomelj police officers in procedures with migrants is published on your website. We fully reject the claims made as it has been established that the events described cannot be placed in our area."