The state grants a special right to compensation to victims of violent intentional crime and their families. Compensation is subject to a special procedure. 

Persons who may obtain such compensation have to hold Slovenian citizenship or the citizenship of one of the European Union member states and have to be victims of violent intentional crime that was committed in the Slovenian territory and was reported and dealt with as a criminal offence. 

drawing of the quick exitWhen a victim reports such an act of violence to the police, he/she can request to receive a record of a crime report filed. The record includes the following information: victim's personal data, time of reporting, brief description of incident, police unit handling the case, and case number. 

In order to claim compensation, a victim should submit to the Ministry of Justice (Zupančičeva ulica 3, Ljubljana) an application for compensation, a police record of crime report filed and other relevant supporting documents.

More information is available at the Ministry of Justice

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