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To mark the conclusion of the international days of fight against violence against women and domestic violence, the police held a symposium entitled Beyond the borders. The main topics of the symposium were international aspects in dealing with domestic violence, with the focus on the measures for protection of victims. International guest speakers were therefore invited to present the situation regarding this issue in their respective countries.


The symposium was dedicated to the discussion on the new strategies and approaches in dealing with domestic violence and the innovative solutions, which can offer a better response to the current challenges. At the same time, the symposium was also an opportunity to encourage international cooperation between different institutions, organisations and experts.


The State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior Tina Heferle and the Deputy Director General of the Police mag. Robert Ferenc held the opening addresses to welcome the symposium participants from the Slovenian police, courts, prosecutor’s office and social work centres.


The speakers at the Symposium:

  • Mihail Stojanoski from the Secretariat of the monitoring mechanism of the Istanbul Convention
  • Ivo Holc, Police Academy, Slovenian member in GREVIO
  • Leticia Matarranz Ortiz from the Ministry of the Interior of Spain
  • Prof. Katja Filipčič from the Institute of Criminology at the Faculty of Law Ljubljana
  • Anita Matijević, from the Ministry of the Interior of Croatia
  • Antonija Strle Pleše, the "Hrabri telefon" helpline, Zagreb

The main topics of the symposium: measures for protection of victims of domestic violence, comparison of national legislations, the importance of supervision and other methods of support for the experts who work in the field of domestic violence.

The police are aware of the seriousness of domestic violence towards which there is zero tolerance. The police are investing strong efforts into raising the public awareness, especially through strong promotion of the importance of reporting any detected domestic violence offences to the police, as the only way to protect the victim and stop the violent perpetrator.

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