Police Academy

Around 400 young people attend the Police College information day 19 February 2024
Visit to the Police Academy: the best reward for children who participated in the Safe on a Bike project 13 June 2023
Research activity 16 November 2021
Ethics and integrity 16 November 2021
Sport in the Police 12 November 2021
Education and training 11 November 2021
Police College 13 November 2019
Police Academy hosts European Network of Policewomen meeting 15 March 2016
Research and Social Skills Centre 18 November 2015
Research in the Police 16 November 2015
Slovenian border police officers present their work in Warsaw 21 May 2015
Tacen held its first conference on e-learning in the Police 12 June 2014
UNHCR and Police Academy organise third migration workshop 12 June 2014
Fast and secure information exchange for effective fight against international crime 25 April 2014
Anniversary of Slovenian Police Red Panthers 22 May 2013
40 years of the employment of women officers in the Slovenian Police 8 March 2013
The Slovenian Police train two Kosovo police officers for working with service dogs 11 June 2012
Slovenian Police Museum visited by many for the first time during its open day 22 May 2012
The Police Honour International Roma Day with Film Screening and Photo Exhibition 5 April 2012
The 11th generation of police officers take a solemn pledge 15 July 2011
Motorcyclists: use adequate protection and be visible - press conference info 13 June 2011
Bravery and self-sacrifice medals for thirty police officers and four citizens 8 June 2011
Service dog handlers and their four-legged companions pit their skills at the 9th annual trials 2 June 2011
Awards for the best evaluated examples of good practice from 2010 were awarded among the Police 4 May 2011
New police officers join police force 24 December 2009
Police organise an exceptionally successful panel of experts on the use of service dogs 5 November 2009
The police ethics code must come to life - information from the press conference on its development and importance 14 October 2009
CEPOL's national unit 14 October 2009
Police Academy 14 October 2009
Police officers on motorcycles competed in skilful riding with motorcycles 2 October 2009
Main celebration of the Police Day in Tacen 24 June 2009
Children from the Jelka nursery school played at the Police Academy in Tacen 29 May 2009
Panel of experts on the protection of and assistance to police officers 28 May 2009
Police Games have started! 21 May 2009
Police motorcyclists demonstrated their skill at the 5th annual motorcycle trials; 15th anniversary of trials; special exhibition and promotional tour 26 September 2008
Serbian delegation visits the Police Academy 24 September 2008
Opening of the 7th Police Games 19 September 2008
Today in Tacen, the start of the 7th Police Games 18 September 2008
2008 Criminal Police Training Programme Concludes Today 30 June 2008
Police merit awards presented during official ceremony 19 June 2008
Swearing in of new police officers for state border control 2 June 2008
First Group of Municipal Wardens Successfully Finish Training 26 March 2008
Swimmers, Top Athletes Employed by the Police, Return to Slovenia after a Successful Competition 25 March 2008
10th anniversary of the participation of the police in international peacekeeping missions 28 November 2007