Police For Children

Visit to the Police Academy: the best reward for children who participated in the Safe on a Bike project 13 June 2023
Children & Teens, make sure you are safe online! 25 April 2022
Peer violence 21 April 2022
Parents and children, protect yourself from abuse on the internet 18 April 2022
Forms of peer violence 11 April 2022
Where and how does peer violence occur? 8 April 2022
What are the signs of peer violence? 7 April 2022
Who are the bullies? Who are the victims? 6 April 2022
What can parents do? 5 April 2022
What can you do if you are a victim of peer violence? 4 April 2022
Police advice for a safer way to school and home 1 April 2022
Safe on the ski slopes - advice for children 31 March 2022
Project Child - Police Officer for a Day 5 June 2018
Project Police Officer Leon Advises 24 May 2018
Project Children's Safety Olympics 18 May 2018
Children's meeting with police officers 9 May 2018
Project Pads of Comfort 9 May 2018
About the Prevention Project Police for Children 3 May 2018
Police for Children with Puppet Show One One Three 24 April 2018
Puppet Show One One Three 6 April 2018
Eight "special Santas" descend from the roof of Ljubljana's Paediatric Clinic 16 December 2014
Ten FIS Rules - children color the FIS ski rules and learn! 15 June 2012
Conclusion of "Z glavo na zabavo" (Party with Your Head) for children and their parents 1 December 2009
In the end of the project Police Officer Leon Advises, the best contributions were exhibited and the pupils awarded 9 October 2009
Plenty interest for police work at the Children's Bazaar 11 September 2009
Let journey to school be safe throughout the year! 1 September 2009
Children from the Jelka nursery school played at the Police Academy in Tacen 29 May 2009
For a More Peaceful and Safer Childhood - Police Advice on the Occasion of Children-s Week 6 October 2008