Amid the emergency situation affecting Slovenia, the Police Academy in Tacen provided shelter to those who had to leave their homes due to the floods today, 4 August 2023.

The Police Academy was contacted by firefighters, the Civil Protection and local residents living in the Tacen area. Due to the high water flow and the exceptional amount of rain, many houses and buildings along the Sava were flooded. We immediately started informing residents to evacuate and head to safety and offered them shelter at the Police Academy.

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All those who came to the Police Academy were provided with a safe space, tea and a reassuring ear, as many were in shock. Between 60 and 70 people found shelter at the Police Academy. Those who were left homeless and unable to find help elsewhere were given accommodation and meals. We also provided parking for 100 local residentsÔÇÖ vehicles.

All local residents of Tacno, Šmartno, Gameljne, Brod and other nearby districts in need of shelter are urged to call (01) 514 70 05. We will provide shelter to all until our capacities are full.