Since the beginning of the floods, the eyes of the public and the media were often fixed on the sky. Not only due to the concern over the heavy rain that didn't seem to stop for days, but also because of the hope brought by assistance from the air. Slovenian police, with the help of three helicopters, rescued almost three hundred residents and transported several tons of essential aid materials in just over a week. Mountain rescuers also aided us in this effort.

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From Friday 4 August to Thursday 10 August, the Air Police Unit carried out the rescue and evacuation of 286 residents in critical areas and transported another 42 persons dealing with the rescue and flood consequence management; among them, there were mountain rescuers, technical staff, municipal watercourse monitoring workers, geologists, civil protection personnel, firefighters and others.

10 animals were also rescued. In addition to the rescues and evacuations, some 13 tonnes of material and food, water, fuel, aggregates, medicines and other emergency supplies were transported to the flooded areas, and the police were also tasked with surveying the flooded areas and securing the data needed by the competent services for emergency analysis of the situation in the field. The police carried out these tasks using AW169, EC135 and A109E helicopters. Three police helicopters were also in the air at the same time.