Police officers have been receiving ample expressions of gratitude from the people we helped during the flooding. In turn, we also wish to extend our gratitude: we could not have done as much without you!

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The day the river spilled over the banks and the situation in Medvode was reminiscent of the scenes from apocalypse films, it proved once again that citizens truly are the essential partner in the police mission. When the waters rose to the knee-level and the current became very strong, we were informed that several people had been stuck in a flooded shopping centre. As the situation became too dangerous to attempt walking in the risen waters, it was time to improvise and more importantly, take urgent action.

Everyone, who happened to be in the proximity of the shopping centre at the time, police officers and citizens alike, instinctively joined forces, without big words or special coordination. Several of them stepped firmly into the freezing and raging waters and helped without giving it a second thought. We reached out into each other's hands, held tightly and formed a "human chain" to reach those, who needed help. We rescued everybody, one by one, feeling an enormous relief when we brought them all to safety. With little time to rest or express gratitude, police officers then hurried on to inspect the rest of the area and look for anyone that still needed rescuing.

Now that the situation has become stable and the biggest fears have been washed away along with the flooding, we would like to thank the residents of Medvode, with whom we were rescuing our co-residents and helped them to safety. It did not matter, who wore the uniform or not. We were brought together by the realisation that mutual support is called for in crises and that we are stronger together. Our joint action was spontaneous, yet incredibly coordinated, as we were instinctively united in solidarity, courage, selflessness and the urgency to help. Together, we managed to save lives.

The police officers would also like to thank people across Slovenia for having extended the trust and support and for continuing to do so, and for helping wherever you are needed. We thank everyone, who stood with police officers in the moments of crisis. We are honoured to be a part of such a united community!