international conference

"Beyond the borders" symposium dedicated to international approaches in addressing domestic violence 11 December 2023
International experts discuss new tools and modern approaches to searching for missing persons 18 October 2022
Return is one of key pillars of an effective migration policy 22 June 2022
Slovenian police successfully hold the first International conference on martial arts in police 31 May 2022
Director-General of the Police Dr Olaj attends European Police Chiefs Convention in The Hague 30 September 2021
Fast and Direct Exchange of Operational Information is Key to Success in International Criminal Investigations 10 June 2015
International conference on police cooperation centres: Rapid information is the right response to global challenges of cross-border crime 7 May 2015
Veniger at European Police Chiefs Convention in the Hague 12 September 2013
Police Chiefs of SE European Countries Join Forces for Better Security of the Region 4 September 2013
Two Slovenian Police Officers to Assist Croatian Police during Tourist Season 16 May 2013
International Conference on Combating Organised Crime and Strengthening Border Security held in Ljubljana 9 April 2013
Goršek attends police chiefs conference before the start of the tourist season 10 May 2012
Representatives of South East European police forces discuss stepping up police cooperation in the region 6 March 2012
Director General of Police Attends Danube Region Police Chief Conference 24 January 2012
Upon the occasion of the European Day for Border Guards in Warsaw the Slovenian Police is also presented 25 May 2011
Slovenian police officers to assist Croatian colleagues in procedures regarding Slovenian citizens 12 May 2011
Opening of the international conference on human rights, police ethics and integrity 12 April 2011
Goršek speaks on combating human trafficking at the ministerial conference in Ljubljana 28 February 2011
4th conference on police cooperation between several EU states during summer tourist season in Croatia 15 May 2009
The international conference on migration also considered the misuse of procedures to obtain work permits and residence permits 17 April 2009
Disclosure of an international criminal network, which was smuggling illegal immigrants - information from the press conference 2 April 2009
Standardisation of police dog procedures in the protection of the external borders of the European Union 1 October 2008
Conference on cooperation with police forces during the summer tourist season in Croatia 23 May 2008
"Security in the Western Balkans affects security in the European Union" - Conclusion of the conference on strengthening cooperation in the fight against serious crime 27 March 2008
Conference on Police Cooperation with the Western Balkan Countries in the Field of Education and Training of Police Officers 19 March 2008
Opening of the conference on police cooperation with the Western Balkan countries in the field of education and training of police officers 18 March 2008
Director General Attends the EURO 2008 Conference of Chiefs of Police 5 March 2008