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During the Easter holidays ahead we are expecting considerably increased traffic on the important transit routes towards tourist destinations and in the direction of Croatia and back. Traffic jams are especially possible on roads with construction work, before toll stations and in the event of traffic accidents. We can also expect increased traffic at border crossings.

During these days at some larger border crossings we can expect longer lines of vehicles and also longer waiting periods to cross the border. For this reason, we advise travellers to use the less busy border crossings.

Moreover, good weather and spring temperatures will also attract more drivers of motorcycles and mopeds as well as cyclists and pedestrians. In such circumstances drivers very frequently tend to overestimate their driving skills and the capabilities of their vehicles, since police officers often determine aggressive driving and frequent speeding, which causes a reduction in traffic safety (more traffic accidents, deaths and injured persons).

Therefore, we advise all drivers to adjust their driving speed to the road conditions. Drivers should drive carefully at a sufficient safety distance and should strictly respect traffic regulations as well as other participants in road traffic. Drivers should start their journey well-rested, with properly equipped vehicles; they should also be careful, well-focused and tolerant when driving.

 MG 8715

By following the indicated recommendations, each driver can do the maximum for his own safety and safety of other drivers!

Caution with pyrotechnics, use of mortars or carbide!

So that the Easter holidays will pass without injuries, we are warning citizens to be cautious when using pyrotechnic products, the use of which usually increases during the holidays. Pyrotechnics are entertaining only some individuals, while for many citizens such behaviour causes annoyance and fear as well as unpleasant emotions and feelings of danger.

Thoughtless and careless use of pyrotechnic products frequently causes personal injuries (burns, lacerations, eye injuries, etc.) and also disturbs animals and pollutes the environment. The most frequent cause of accidents are incompetent handling or inadequate supervision by a person of legal age over adolescents and children, who use various aids when shooting (gunpowder, fire crackers, large pieces of carbide, metal pots with iron lids, gasoline, etc).

We would especially like to warn against the use of various types of mortar, which are instruments for exploding with black gunpowder according to the Firearms Act. They are used on cultural as well as other events. Persons who are using mortars must have a certificate or attestation of training for firing with a mortar. When using mortars and acetylene, participants and organizers must take appropriate preventive measures. The Protection of Public Order Act allows the use of carbide and other gas mixtures for explosions during certain holidays, where such activity is already a tradition. It has to be considered that the night-time peace and rest of citizens must be guaranteed between 10 PM and 6 AM. Fines for violations of these provisions range from 83.46 to 208.65 EUR.


We wish you pleasant and safe holidays!