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Jože Romšek, Director General of the Police, together with Aleksander Jevšek, Head of the Criminal Police Directorate, and Rajko Kozmelj, Assistant Head of the Criminal Police Directorate, will chair a strategic meeting of the European Police Chiefs Task Force (EPCTF) in Brussels on Friday, 11 April 2008.

The EPCTF is a forum consisting of the highest representatives of police organisations from the EU Member States. The task force meetings are attended by police chiefs as heads of delegations and therefore the task force represents the highest level of decision-making, where strategic decisions on the future of police forces in the Member States are taken. The EPCTF discusses challenges and difficulties facing the police in the EU and attempts to find adequate solutions. The composition of the task force is a guarantee that the decisions adopted will be put into practice without reservations.

Slovenian police experts will present to all Member States' police chiefs and their delegations as well as representatives of Europol, Eurojust and the European Commission, a series of new proposals and solutions, which will improve the efficiency of work of European police organisations and the quality of their cooperation.

The meeting participants will discuss common strategic issues that affect all police organisations of the EU Member States, i.e. facilitating the discussion of new technologies and their significance for police units, monitoring communications and interoperability of police systems, a manual of good practices as regards international police cooperation services at the national level, counter-terrorist activities of the task force and cooperation with third countries in the area of justice and home affairs. Members of the task force will be acquainted with the activities in connection with some legislative instruments adopted at the level of the EU Council as well as the results and conclusions of some important meetings that were organised by the Slovenian Presidency.

The Slovenian Presidency shall make every effort to further strengthen the cooperation between police organisations of the EU Member States and to obtain support of EU police chiefs for its activities to achieve our common goal, i.e. a real area of freedom, security and justice.