police chiefs

Slovenian Police participate in the fourth United Nations Chiefs of Police Summit in New York 1 July 2024
Police chiefs in London discussing the future of policing in Europe 18 April 2024
Heads of Slovenian, Croatian and Italian police discuss concrete forms of cooperation on border control 15 November 2023
Slovenian and Croatian police chiefs discuss current migration challenges in Brežice today 12 October 2023
Police chiefs discuss crime in the digital age and the challenges of irregular migration in The Hague 27 September 2023
Jušić meets police chiefs of Italy and Croatia in Rome 6 June 2023
Police chiefs in Stockholm on policing in the digital age 11 May 2023
Director-General of the Police Dr Olaj attends European Police Chiefs Convention in The Hague 30 September 2021
Fank: Uniform profiling for more effective regulation and reduction of migration flow 18 February 2016
High representatives of the Slovenian, Serbian, Macedonian and Greek police pledge to enhance cooperation in managing increased migration 4 December 2015
Marjan Fank attends police chiefs working meeting in Dubrovnik 26 April 2015
Slovenia's and Austria's police chiefs meet in Maribor 16 July 2014
Veniger and Bobnar Meet with Slovak Police Chief 24 October 2013
Veniger at European Police Chiefs Convention in the Hague 12 September 2013
Police Chiefs of SE European Countries Join Forces for Better Security of the Region 4 September 2013
Slovenian and Croatian home affairs and police leaders visit Dragonja border-crossing point 24 July 2013
Veniger Meets with Austrian Counterpart Kogler in Vienna 28 May 2013
Two Slovenian Police Officers to Assist Croatian Police during Tourist Season 16 May 2013
Director General of the Police attends regional police chiefs meeting 23 November 2012
Goršek attends police chiefs conference before the start of the tourist season 10 May 2012
Director General of Police Attends Danube Region Police Chief Conference 24 January 2012
Slovenian, Austrian, Hungarian and Croatian Police chiefs meet in Dolga vas 16 November 2011
Goršek attends European Police Chief Task Force Meeting in Warsaw 10 November 2011
Police chiefs meet at a convention held in The Hague 1 July 2011
Chiefs of Police of Six Countries of the Western Balkans regarding even better Police Co-operation 19 May 2011
Meeting of Chiefs of Croatian and Slovenian Uniformed Police 17 May 2011
Heads of the Slovenian and Croatian police meet in Zagreb 8 April 2011
Director General of the Police at a meeting of the European Police Chiefs Task Force 19 October 2009
Heads of the Slovenian and Montenegrin police forces met in Podgorica 24 September 2009
European Police Chiefs (EPCTF) for better operational cooperation between police forces (en/fr) 22 May 2008
European Police Chiefs (EPCTF) in favour of better cooperation between police forces - Press release 11 April 2008
European Police Chiefs Task Force Strategic Meeting 6 April 2008
Director General of the Slovenian Police Visits His Macedonian Colleague 25 March 2008
Director General Attends the EURO 2008 Conference of Chiefs of Police 5 March 2008
Meeting of Slovenian and Bavarian Police Chiefs in Slovenia 22 February 2008