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At the meeting in Zagreb on 18 February 2016, the police chiefs of Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia signed a declaration on uniform approach to profiling, registration and controlled passage of refugees and migrants from the Macedonia-Greece border to Austria and Germany.

With the uniform method of profiling in place, the police are introducing slightly modified procedures. After undergoing an interview, i.e. profiling, and registration at the Macedonia-Greek border, only the persons arriving from war-torn countries will be able to continue their journey to Austria and Germany in a controlled way.   

"The negotiations lasted for quite a while. Our goal is to involve other countries along the Balkan route in the migrant passage system. Naturally, every state has its own national interests. Although a uniform arrangement may not perfectly suit the politics of individual countries, it is the only way we can achieve our common goal of regulating and reducing migration flows and providing protection to those who actually need it," said Marjan Fank, Director General of the Slovenian Police, after the meeting.      

Police Activities in Connection with Current Migration Flows