At this year's Police Games, the fourth photograph contest took place in the scope of the accompanying programme.

The awarded photographs are in the opinion of the jury the best ones among 154 received photographs created on general themes, the theme of the police officer at work and making the report - photo story by seventeen contestants working in the police. The expert jury consisted of Peter Vernik, president of the Association of Slovenian societies of fine arts, Branimir Ritonja, president of the Photo club Maribor, Matjaž Corel and Marko Fric, both from the Police.

 MG 3735

 MG 3731

The speaker was Peter Vernik.


The exhibition was opened by Gojmir Lešnjak Gojc.


Janez Mihovec, Ljubljana PD
Milan Milanovič, Koper PD
Robert Titan, Koper PD
Denis Čemažar, Kranj PD
Petra Debeljak, Logistics Office
Aleksander Leban, Nova Gorica PD
Marcello Notersberg, Celje PD
Silvo Salčnik, Security and Protection Office
Mirko Verovšek, Police Academy
Miha Corel, Police Academy
Robert Kralj, Uniformed Police Directorate
Tadej Fischinger, Security and Protection Office
Mitja Butul, Koper PD
Boštjan Robič, Police Academy
Jože Marinič, Maribor PD
Ana Rigler, Ljubljana PD, and
Gojmir Lešnjak Gojc, "Republika Škofi".

Prizes were awarded to the following works (description under awarded photographs with comments by the jury):

Theme General Themes

1st place: Marcelo Nottersberg, Celje PD, for the photograph Mountain field
2nd place: Denis Čemžar, Kranj PD, for the photograph Bicycle
3rd place: Silvo Salčnik, SPO, for the photograph Bleeding reflection

zvezdica 11  planinsko polje

It was taken from a higher viewing point in unusual light and colour contrast built on a complementary colour relation ochre-blue

bicikl Ind 2

In the general darkness of the space, the light accent is on a metal container hung on the bicycle. Although the photograph gives an impression of a deserted still life from the suburbs, the man we do not see is actually present.

saxy 13

The author was attracted by the unusual, bleeding reflection in the eyes of the portrayed man The composition of the photograph is not the most accomplished, and it could be more convincing if a better cut out had been used.

Theme Report - photo story

1st place: Denis Čemžar, Kranj PD, for the report about India
2nd place: Mitja Butul, Koper PD, for the report about cigarettes
3rd place: Ana Rigler, Ljubljana PD, for the report about surfers

bicikl India 1

bicikl India 2

bicikl India 3

Bicikl India 4 1

The author has convinced us with an authentic documentation of hard life on the Indian subcontinent, where this is an everyday theme. It is a very strong visual story and of good artistic quality, as well as accomplished as a whole.

MB 1 1medsadikami

MB 1 2medsusenjem

MB 1 3medzvijanjeminrezanjem

MB 1 4medpriziganjem

MB 1 5meduzitkom

Thematically it represents the manufacture of tobacco and the pleasures tobacco offers. If the hand were the central artistic photographic element of the whole, which is not the case, the common effect of all five photos would be artistically better.

amber 01 1

amber 02 1amber 03 1

amber 04 1

amber 05 1

The author recorded in an artistically refined manner the activity from the arrival at the beach in the morning until the evening sun sinks into the sea. As a whole, the report with all five images has a strong narrative effect.

Theme: Police officer at work

1st place: Mitja Butul, Koper PD, for the photo Water aqua rain
3nd place: Robert Kralj, UPD, for the photogfraph Towards the top
3rd place: Mitja Butul, Koper PD for the photo Waiting for orders

MB 2 5voda acqua dez

The photograph convinces us with a documentary reality and accomplished light of the composition, as well as with technical perfection in difficult conditions of photographing

gams 7

The image is a simple photographic record of ascending speakers.

MB 2 2cakamnaukaz

The author recorded with his camera the psychological connection between man and animal, expressed in the facial expression of the man and the tension of expectation in the body of the animal.

The photograph Dog?s life by the author Denis Čemažar from the Kranj PD, earned the special  commendation of jury members.

 MG 3738

Franc Kosmač, Director of the Police Academy, congratulated Denis Čemžar

bicikl India 3

The author captured by his camera the "dog's life" taking place on the verge of survival at all levels. The image has a strong social impact and does not leave the viewer indifferent.

The members of the Society of the One-Eyed also participated in the event; they contributed photographic works with the motifs from the work of police officers  in their eyes, i.e. from the perspective of professional photographers. Exhibited are photographs by Bojan Velikonja, Tina Deu, Jaka Adamič, Jaka Gaser, Luka Cjuha, Matej PovÅ¡et, Matjaž Rusta, Nada Mihajlovič, Robert Balena, Simon Plestenjak, Tomaž Skalet, Vid Ponikvar, Matej Družnik and Igor Modic.

 MG 3757

 MG 9724

The exhibition was also visited by Milan Kučan, first president of the Republic of Slovenia, and Miro Cerar, the ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia for  fair play and tolerance in sports.

Thanks to all participants and congratulations to all award winners.