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Police vehicles 3 June 2021

Another of the older vehicles used by the police is the 1986 BMW R 65, which is not included in the exhibition. Its engine has a capacity of 650 cm3 and a rated output of 37 kW. It was used in the milica from the early 1980s until the end of the 1980s. Today it is used on the Police Academy training ground and for promotional purposes.

fico novi motor

In the early days motorcycle officers wore a special protective leather helmet and goggles and were dressed in canvas and rubber jackets. Over the jacket they wore a belt with shoulder strap. The trousers were of fabric. The trousers and boots were similar to those worn at that time by army cavalry units.

In 1964 they were issued with one-piece leather overalls over which they wore a belt and shoulder strap. On their heads they began wearing a helmet which reached down to the ears, while the lower part of the helmet was leather (over the neck and ears). The helmet fastened below the chin with a strap. They also used motorcycle goggles with an elastic strap. The shoes were low and the same as those used by other members of the milica.

In 1971 traffic officers were issued with two-piece leather overalls, although the one-piece overalls ("clown suits") remained in use until 1980. They wore leather motorcycle boots and, on their heads, a protective motorcycle helmet. Over their overalls they wore a belt (no shoulder strap). They also wore gauntlet-style gloves with long white cuffs. They continued to wear the two-piece overalls until 1993, when they were gradually replaced with Gore-Tex overalls.

Traffic officers and trainees directing traffic at junctions wore a white uniform. Everything was white: trousers, jacket (waist-length) with leather belt, shoes, gloves, white leather helmet. A whistle was an essential part of the uniform. This uniform was worn from the late 1960s until the early 1970s. Officially the white uniform remained in use until 1997, although the majority of users stopped wearing it in 1987. It continued to appear from time to time in different parts of the Republic of Slovenia until 1994.


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