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The Director General of the Police, Janko Goršek, and the Director of the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for the Prevention of Money Laundering, Andrej Plausteiner, signed an agreement on mutual cooperation on 18 December 2009.

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Signing the agreement on mutual cooperation in prevention and detection of money laundering and financing terrorism

The agreement will contribute to strengthening cooperation between the two authorities and their efficiency in combating crime. In line with legislative requirements, improved communication between the two authorities will prevent unnecessary duplication of tasks when investigating and proving the alleged criminal offences of money laundering and financing terrorism; it will also ensure that the Police and the Office work in concert.

The agreement also promotes joint education and training of the staff of the two authorities and the exchange of good practice. The Police and the Office will make every effort to encourage other competent authorities, bodies and institutions participating in combating crime to strengthen mutual cooperation further.

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