interdepartmental cooperation

Together for safer schools 5 June 2024
Police partake in making Nova Gorica friendlier for the blind and visually impaired 4 April 2024
Ljubljana criminal investigators successfully conclude illegal firearms trade investigation 20 December 2016
Security and other measures accompanying the Russian Chapel ceremony executed flawlessly 30 July 2016
Planning and implementation of security and other measures for the high-level visit of the Russian chapel ceremony an exceptional operational challenge for Slovenian Police and other services - Press release on 28 July 2016 press briefing 28 July 2016
Presentation of activities of the Police and other services before the dignitaries - visit to the Russian chapel - Invitation to press briefing 27 July 2016
Police work during migrant crisis 11 April 2016
Police work during the intensified security situation caused by the escalating migrant crisis in recent weeks - explanations and answers 31 October 2015
Police duties remain the same, Slovenian armed forces provide valuable assistance 29 October 2015
Slovenian police and Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia take part in massive international operation Blue Amber 29 June 2015
International conference on police cooperation centres: Rapid information is the right response to global challenges of cross-border crime 7 May 2015
Seventh workshop on the use of joint investigation teams, this time for the needs of Albanian law enforcement authorities 25 March 2015
The Slovenian Police successfully concluded the search of the fugitive Robert Časar 2 March 2015
Police project "Skupa-j" brings about first positive effects on Roma integration 23 September 2014
Slovenian experts teach Macedonian prosecutors and police about joint investigation teams 10 July 2014
Tacen held its first conference on e-learning in the Police 12 June 2014
Launch of Interpol's Turn Back Crime 5 June 2014
Eleven national authorities and institutions successful in joint fight against economic crime 14 March 2014
It takes two thousand stitches and a lot of good will to make a comfort pad 6 March 2014
Discussion panel on internet child abuse underlines integrated approach 25 September 2013
Slovenian Police Launch the Largest Operation Ever against Organised Crime Leaders - Press Release 11 May 2012
The Police Honour International Roma Day with Film Screening and Photo Exhibition 5 April 2012
Over 700 police employees take part in Let's Clean Slovenia 2012 26 March 2012
Police mark International White Cane Day with preventive activities 13 October 2011
Police officers to join Clean up the World 2012 campaign 23 September 2011
Passengers successfully rescued, hijackers apprehended - training exercise information 20 September 2011
Using a police helicopter to get quick and safe emergency medical care - information from the demonstration exercise 5 August 2011
Two-week practical part of the criminal investigation course ends 17 June 2011
Memorial plaque unveiled at Gotenica Training Centre 15 June 2011
Police endeavour for the improved safety of the blind and visually impaired 10 June 2011
Unveiling of memorial in Dragomer to commemorate data storage of interior authorities during Independence War 8 June 2011
The campaign "Speed - Slower is Safer" is to start 22 April 2011
22 police officers trained and ready to be deployed in missions 29 October 2010
Psychological support to and protection of police officers - press conference 7 October 2010
Cyber crime investigation and Iserdo case 30 July 2010
Safety on ski slopes is in the first place the responsibility of every individual, therefore respect the 10 FIS rules of conduct 16 January 2010
Exhibition opening at the 20th anniversary of Operation Sever 12 January 2010
Agreement on cooperation in fighting corruption signed 6 January 2010
Drinking and driving are not compatible - information from the press conference 18 December 2009
The Police and the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for the Prevention of Money Laundering sign a mutual cooperation agreement 18 December 2009
Actions by police and other institutions for safe and firecracker-free holidays 11 December 2009
Human rights protection is a key area for the police 10 December 2009
Panel of experts on prevention of violence against women 4 December 2009
Main celebration of the 20th anniversary of Operation Sever 1 December 2009
The 20th anniversary of Operation Sever makes us proud of the historic role of the Slovenian Police - Consultation held on this occasion 26 November 2009
Sounds of violence next door? Don't just stand there, do something! 25 November 2009
Traditional commemoration "Krn - Remembrance Hike 1918-2009" 16 November 2009
For Remembrance and Caution - Light candles and show solidarity with road traffic victims! 13 November 2009
Stricter control of mental and physical fitness of drivers during St Martin's Feast 6 November 2009
Police organise an exceptionally successful panel of experts on the use of service dogs 5 November 2009