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On the night of October 20th to 21st a Slovenian police helicopter filmed a large group of migrants and refugees attempting to cross the Slovenian border. The Croatian police did not try to prevent them from crossing, nor did they point them to a more suitable crossing spot. Instead, they directed them across the green border, where some migrants, including small children, waded across the Sotla river.



The helicopter, which was equipped with a thermovision camera and searchlight, patrolled the green border with Croatia. On October 20th at 21:50 the crew noticed an unannounced passenger train with refugees and migrants approaching the state border on the Croatian side near Dobova (Ključ Brdovečki ? Sutla train station).

The passengers disembarked at the train station and were escorted by the Croatian police towards the border with Slovenia. They stopped when they reached the river. After a while the migrants decided to cross the border by wading across the river. It is evident from the video that nobody tried to stop them or direct them to a better crossing spot.

The police helicopter used a searchlight to direct the people to a better spot. Migrants stopped getting into the water and gathered in a field, where they waited for transport. There were very small children among the wet and freezing people.

The footage clearly shows the arrival of the train, people disembarking and being directed across the border by the Croatian authorities. Next to the crowd are officers in uniforms, who by standing there make sure the people go into the direction of the border. Also clearly visible is the gathering of people at the river and their wading across it, and them being assisted by the Slovenian police on our side. At no point did the police helicopter cross the frontier line; the activities were recorded from Slovenian side but took place on the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

Police Activities in Connection with Current Migration Flows