police helicopter

Air Support Unit trains Macedonian colleagues in external load operations and firefighting 24 March 2023
After 12 mountain accidents last weekend, Police urge hikers to be careful 25 July 2022
Fire situation in Kras finally under control. Police contribute to taming the fire in every possible way 24 July 2022
Lucky escape as 18 hikers injured by lightning on Mt Triglav brought to safety 18 July 2022
Activity of the Air Support Unit 10 November 2021
Slovenian police helicopter films Croatian police officers directing migrants to Slovenia across the green border and the Sotla river 22 October 2015
Slovenian police officers help population in flooded areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina 19 May 2014
Using a police helicopter to get quick and safe emergency medical care - information from the demonstration exercise 5 August 2011
Members of the Special Unit display their first-rate skills 2 August 2011
Watch your step on the mountain! 3 June 2011
Police Aviation Unit carrying out transport as part of emergency medical assistance 19 November 2009
Police officers in Novo mesto presented their role in protection and rescue operations 19 October 2009
The police presented itself in the Student arena 15 October 2009
Plenty interest for police work at the Children's Bazaar 11 September 2009
Police delighted young visitors of the Children's Bazaar 17 September 2008
Formal Handover of the New Schengen Helicopter, Press Conference on the State of Schengen Readiness 19 October 2007