How can parents help their children use social media safely and how can they reduce the chances of extortion by posting intimate photos and / or sex videos?

boy 6680407 PixabayHow to determine when a child is a victim of such acts, and what may be the consequences for them?

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The pitfalls of the Internet, among the most vulnerable are children

The Internet is a great place to play, learn and connect children and adolescents. Smart devices have huge advantages, such as easier education, social networking, information, but they also bring with them huge opportunities for various types of abuse and violence. Although children mostly enjoy all the activities they can do online, it can be a risky and dangerous situation for them. All children who use the Internet are exposed to it.

Because of their youth, inexperience, curiosity and naivety, children are among the most vulnerable users of the Internet. They can fall victim to various online abuses while using various applications, social networks, emails, websites, forums and playing computer games. Namely, there are also people on these networks who exploit the vulnerability of children in order to abuse them or gain illegal property.

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