Trojan horses, computer worms, file viruses, ransomware, rootkits, various spy codes and other malware are among the biggest threats that threaten online users in today's cyber world. They also endanger your electronic devices, whether they are desktops and laptops or various mobile devices - smartphones, tablets, etc.

They are extremely harmful, as hackers can steal your money, sensitive information, subjugate your devices, infect them with viruses or spy on your actions. Therefore, you should take care of the security of your devices and thus reduce the possibility of infections with malicious code.

We advise you to get acquainted with some of the most important facts and follow some basic rules of safe and responsible use of software, which were prepared by experts in the Slovenian police in cooperation with the European Police Office - Europol.

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Basic information about malware

Malware is installed on a computer system or mobile device without the owner's consent, in order to gain control of the device, steal valuable information or damage data.


Safe at home

The most common sources of infection of electronic devices with malware are: e-mail, websites, pop-ups, wi-fi, pirated programs, usb keys and other removable storage devices. The perpetrators also use social engineering and fishing techniques to obtain your personal information.

Police advise

  • Install and keep antivirus and firewall software updated on your devices.
  • Keep your devices' operating system and all software current.
  • Download only files, software and applications from trusted sources.
  • Back up the data stored on your computer regularly, on separate storage device and offline.
  • Beware of unusual looking messages received trough email, social networks or instant messaging tools, even from someone you know.
  • Think before you click on banners and links without knoowing their true origin and avoid websites with pirated material.
  • Remember to use different and strong passwords in your accounts!

Malware Basics2 m

Malware - tips and advice

Slovenian police active in the fight against cybercrime

The volume of malware in mobile operating systems is increasing, and the Member States of the European Union are experiencing increasing economic damage due to cybercrime, which is why they have classified the fight against this form of crime as one of the priorities of European security policy.

The Slovenian police also actively participates in concrete measures and operational action plans in this area, within the framework of various multidisciplinary platforms and on the basis of in-depth analyzes, strategic plans and joint threat assessments.

Some cyber threats, which were identified as the most problematic in 2016 by Europol's threat assessment in the field of organized and cybercrime (IOCTA 2016), have recently been appearing in Slovenia as well.

The biggest challenge is ransomware and its variants, followed by encrypted communication, whether in the form of instant text, video or audio messages, and various malware, especially mobile malware.

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