Destruction of memorials, benches, playgrounds, trees and parks, desecration of graves, breaking of decorative plaques on walls, breaking of windowpanes and street lamps, writing on walls, overturning of rubbish bins, destroying of traffic and other signs, parked cars, throwing stones at passing vehicles, at train windows, setting rocks on railway tracks, etc.

RazbitoStekloAll of the above has somehow become a part of our everyday life, but by no means a part that we can just accept, because vandalism, in addition to direct consequences in the environment, also leaves disruptions in social relations and can lead to indifference, fear and disintegration. All forms of vandalism are unacceptable and must be condemned as such, because otherwise they can escalate into behaviours that directly affect the feeling of safety in an individual environment.

Many forms of vandalism are misdemeanors and felonies

Vandalism has a harmful effect on everyday life, mutual relationships, destroys the sense of security and well-being in the environment. The Criminal Code of the Republic of Slovenia does not define the criminal act of "vandalism" as a specific crime. As an unacceptable form of conduct, it may be considered a misdemeanor or a criminal offence in society, depending on the intent of the execution and the consequences of this act.

Thus, vandalism in Slovenia is treated and sanctioned through the prism of crimes against property (e. g. damage or destruction of objects of special or historical interest or natural landmarks, damage to foreign property, etc. ), crimes against public order (e. g. desecration of graves), crimes against the general safety of people and property (e. g. damage or destruction of public facilities), etc.

In individual cases, police officers also carry out measures in accordance with Article 16 of the Act on the Protection of Public Order, which stipulates that whoever intentionally damages, overturns, removes or otherwise treats memorials and public infrastructure facilities contrary to their intended use is an offence.

Reasons for acts of vandalism

grafiti01Vandalism is sometimes the result of hidden tensions in society, or a reflection of the general state of society and its problems. Its manifestations are also influenced by the abuse of alcohol or other illicit substances. Many, alone or in groups, behave aggressively towards their surroundings and thus try to show their importance to society, and their actions may stem from incorrect behavioral patterns.

Vandalism in the context of sports events is mostly associated with organized fan groups, which try to show their aggression through such conduct - of course, all such actions are wrong!

Society can influence the forms of vandalism through its activities, namely by condemning all unacceptable behaviour.

We all bear the consequences of vandalism

  • Broken street lamps not only spoil the environment, but also make it difficult to move around at night and do not provide a sense of security.
  • Displaced, damaged or removed road signs pose a danger to all road users.
  • Rocks on the railway line, broken train windows, burning curtains and carriage seats can cause danger to all passengers.
  • Overturned dustbins can endanger pedestrians or drivers.
  • Destroyed monuments mean a direct attack on the cultural assets of a nation, affecting not only us but also our descendants.
  • Damaged playground equipment is dangerous for children and prevents them from relaxing.
  • Destroyed flower beds and broken tree branches, benches thrown into lakes spoil our environment and therefore harm everyone.
  • Children can be injured by broken glassware or a used injection needle that may have been dropped by a group of teenagers the night before.
  • Inappropriate cheering by organised fan groups disturbs other spectators.
  • Various forms of vandalism also have a bad effect on tourism.
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Sometimes the damage is irreparable

Although the listed forms of vandalism differ from each other and a number of other actions could be listed, they all have something in common - damaging or destroying things. If the damage is caused to you, you will pay for it yourself, but if public goods are damaged, we taxpayers will all pay.

Some types of damage, especially to monuments and natural assets, cannot be expressed in money and often cannot be repaired. Therefore, let us strive to achieve a higher cultural awareness of people together.

Let us prevent vandalism

vandalizemWe cannot eliminate everything with punishment. Punishment is a way out to prevent dangerous behavior, but the long-term solution is to create such conditions that unacceptable behavior will not occur. It is necessary to discover the causes of such behavior and eliminate them. Let's take care of this in our environment, devote ourselves to children and youth, enable them to creatively release tension, deliberately beautify empty and barren concrete walls.

All inappropriate behaviour in society must be condemned, and efforts must be made to change the patterns of behaviour of individuals and groups who consider such behaviour acceptable. Therefore, never remain indifferent to acts of vandalism, saying that it's not mine, it's none of my business, etc.

If you notice someone behaving in a vandalistic manner, try to warn them not to do so. If you judge that he will not heed your warning, call the police.


Police Emergency Number 113    ali

Anonymous phone number 080-1200


The police are obliged in all cases to carry out all activities to prevent such behaviour or to discover the perpetrators of such behavior. That's why we try to direct our activities to areas where such behavior occurs more often, in order to prevent them.

Be a role model for your children, neighbours and fellow citizens. Be aware of the consequences of inappropriate behaviour and help us prevent and detect perpetrators of various forms of vandalism. A clean and well-arranged environment, friendly and hospitable people, a healthy living environment, and good mutual relations are the conditions for quality life and spending time. We are convinced that we can succeed together.

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