Newer vehicles, especially vehicles of better and more expensive makes, already have safety devices installed as standard. These can also be installed additionally, and they are both mechanical and electronic. They differ in quality and mode of operation, but they have in common that they make it more difficult or impossible for the perpetrator to break into or steal a vehicle.

Your vehicle can be stolen in less than five minutes!

How safe is my car?

  • Have a quality safety device installed in your vehicle.
  • Documents, money and other items that could attract thieves should be stored in a safe place.
  • Agree with your neighbors on mutual observation and vehicle protection.
  • Park your vehicle in illuminated streets and car parks.
  • When leaving the vehicle, close all windows and lock all doors.

Protection and types of safeguards

We distinguish between serially and additionally installed safety devices. The additionally installed safety devices are mechanical and electronic.

Mechanical safety devices

  • Double hook steering wheel lock for locking the steering wheel and one of the pedals.
  • Steering column lock guard.
  • Gearbox lock.
  • Brake lock valve.
  • Concealed switch to disconnect the engine ignition or fuel pump operation.

ZascitaVozilaElectronic safety devices

  • Alarm device with siren and acoustic warning and engine lock.
  • Engine immobilizer.
  • Blockade of other electronic assemblies that prevent the vehicle from starting.
  • Electronic steering column lock.
  • Vehicle motion control systems.

What should we pay attention to when choosing?

  • Steering columns guards, steering wheel hooks and other mechanical accessories should be made of high-alloy steel, and the locks for locking these guards should also be of good quality.
  • Electronic safety devices should be assembled from quality components so that there are no malfunctions or malfunctions.
  • Be sure to consult experts before installation.
  • Safety devices should be installed by authorized services.
  • Choose such a safety device, in addition to which you get a certificate of quality. Based on this, insurance companies grant you a discount on comprehensive insurance.

Other options:

  • engrave the identification number on all glass surfaces in the vehicle. Thieves don't like marked vehicles;
  • vehicle marking (e.g. DataDot);
  • there is no complete protection, so we advise you to consider comprehensive insurance.

Theft of items from vehicles

Often, the perpetrators remove the parts they need from the vehicle right in the car park. Your vehicle may be left without rims with tires, mirrors and headlights. In some cases, they even removed the bonnet, mask, bumper, radiator, vehicle doors, seats, dashboard...

Therefore, they are welcome:

  • rim protection screws,
  • shock sensor,
  • ultrasonic monitoring of the vehicle interior; and
  • all of the above safeguards.

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