Bicycle theft is a fairly common crime. Around 3,000 bicycles are stolen or reported missing in Slovenia every year. Thieves are not picky; they steal all kinds of bicycles, regardless of value and make. The most important thing for them is that their venture is as easy as possible.

We therefore advise you to protect your bicycle well and not to give scoundrels a chance.

Write down the details of the bicycle and take a photo of it. When reporting a theft, victims usually only know the make and color of their bicycle, but no other information, which makes it even more difficult for the police to investigate these actions. The more data police officers receive when a theft is reported, the better the chance of the bicycle being identified and ultimately returned to its owner.

Form - description of the bicycle

When reporting a theft, would you be able to describe to a police officer what kind of bicycle was stolen from you? You can help yourself using the Owner And Bicycle Details Form.

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You can do the most for the security of your property yourself.


Advice for securing your bicycle

  • Store a bicycle that is not in use for a long time in a locked area.
  • If you have to leave it outdoors, make sure the area is crowded and well lit.
  • Lock it with a good lock! Inferior quality locks are no obstacle to bicycle thieves. It is best if you chain the bicycle to the fence (both the bike frame and one of the wheels).
  • Write down the details of the bicycle (make, model and colour of the bicycle, including the type of components - pedals, frame, gears, brakes; any special features, individual marks and damage, additional equipment, etc. ); if the bicycle does not have a serial number on the frame, have it engraved. You can use the Owner and Bicycle Details Form to help you describe your bicycle.
  • If your bicycle is stolen, report the theft to the police. When reporting it, give the police officer all the information he will request from you.

If your bicycle is stolen, it makes sense to also review the list of found items on the police website. Perpetrators can only use the bicycle as a means of transport and then throw it away. Such bicycles are recorded as found. If the owner cannot be identified, they are subsequently sold at a found-object auction.

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