Thefts, takings of motor vehicles and burglaries are common crimes.

In Slovenia, between 900 and 1,100 motor vehicles are stolen or taken annually, of which more than 60% are in the area of the Ljubljana Police Department. Most cars in Slovenia are stolen between 11 pm and 5 am.

Your vehicle can be stolen in less than five minutes!

TatvinaVozila03Police manage to trace only a quarter of stolen vehicles. If we take into account that there are approximately 1,000,000 registered vehicles, the possibility of perpetrators taking exactly your vehicle is small.

Volkswagen and Renault vehicles are the most interesting for thieves, followed closely by Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Opel and other vehicles. The car can be opened by force rather easily, without much effort and visible damage, and a special electronic tool is required to forcefully start the engine. Police statistics show that vehicles equipped with high-quality additional alarm devices rarely go missing.

Proper handling and protection of your vehicle can greatly reduce the possibility of your vehicle being stolen, taken or broken into. It is the owner of the vehicle who can do the most to protect it.

They are looking at your car too!

SteeringWheelLockYou can do the most for your vehicle yourself

  • Do not park on unlit streets and parking lots. Use organized car parks, garages and parking garages.
  • When leaving the vehicle, remove the key from the ignition, turn the steering wheel to engage the steering wheel lock, close all windows and lock the vehicle doors. Don't forget the boot.
  • Lock the vehicle even if you park it in a locked garage.
  • Do not leave documents in the vehicle (registration document, green card, insurance policy and service booklet).
  • An alarm device, steering wheel or transmission lock and other safety devices are only worthwhile if you use them consistently.
  • In the event of a possible break-in to an apartment or house, the perpetrator can also find the ignition keys and take the vehicle away, so do not leave the keys in a visible place at home either.
  • Agree with your neighbor on mutual assistance in observing or protecting the vehicle.
What to do if your vehicle is stolen?

 When you notice that your vehicle has been stolen

  • Report the theft to the police immediately. Report the theft to the police immediately. It is important that all available police patrols are informed of the theft as soon as possible, so that they can take appropriate action if the vehicle is spotted.
  • Upon reporting, give the police officer all the information he will ask of you.
  • Provide as many details or characteristics about your vehicle and the items in it that would help identify it or the items in it.
  • Also notify the police if you caught the perpetrator stealing.

If you catch the perpetrator stealing, try to remember:

  • the direction of his flight,
  • a personal description of suspicious persons (gender, age, size, clothing, special features of their face, gait, speech, etc.)
  • the registration number, colour, make and type of his vehicle.

Your safety is paramount, so never try to apprehend the perpetrator yourself, especially if they are physically stronger or even armed. Call the police immediately!

If your vehicle is stolen abroad, immediately report the theft to the nearest police station. After reporting the theft, you will be given a record of the report or other relevant document or certificate showing that your car has been stolen. After returning to your home country, report to the police station and inform the police officers or criminal investigators about the theft.

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