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Between 8 and 22 February 2009 there will be intensified controls of the use of seat belts by drivers and passengers.

Compulsory use of seat belts is defined in Art. 83 of the Road Traffic Safety Act. According to this article, drivers or passengers not using seat belts will have to pay a fine of EUR 120.

The aim of the 15-day operation Fasten Your Life, coordinated by the Ministry of Transport, is to reduce the number of dead and seriously injured in traffic accidents due to non-use of seat belts and to increase the use of seat belts among drivers and passengers in all vehicles.


As part of the operation police officers will:

  • carry out intensified control of the compulsory use of seat belts and safety systems for children on state and local roads in all types of vehicles, and consistently penalise violations,
  • instruct drivers on the use of seat belts at border crossings,
  • warn coach and other transport companies about the compulsory use of seat belts,
  • visit primary and secondary schools and warn parents at parents' meetings about the compulsory use of seat belts,
  • raise awareness of the public in different other ways.

Seat belts can save many a life in road accidents.