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The annual Criminal Police Training Programme was officially concluded today, 30 June 2008, at the Police Academy in Tacen. The new criminal police officers were greeted by Director General of the Police Jože Romšek and Director of the Criminal Police Directorate Aleksander Jevšek.

The criminal police training is considered to be the most important training programme in the field of criminal investigation and is therefore meaningful for the entire police force as well.

IMG 8158 Aleksander Jevšek addressed the criminal police officers by saying that they "had chosen a very rewarding profession. Every time you perform your duties within the framework of the law and professionally, both the Criminal Police and the Police of the Republic of Slovenia will support you. That is why you must always be firm in pursuing your objectives and standing behind the choices which you consider correct."

IMG 8166Swearing in of new criminal police officers

The Criminal Police Training Programme lasted from 3 March until 20 June at locations in Tacen and Gotenica. The programme was successfully completed by 26 participants employed at different police directorates, the Criminal Police Directorate, PDG, and Forensic Science Centre, PGD. Within the scope of inter-ministerial cooperation, 4 members of the 17th Military Police Battalion, Slovenian Armed Forces, also participated in the training.

IMG 8271

The practical part of the training programme from 9 until 20 June in Gotenica was attended by 58 criminal police officers - some of them already with experience in this field of work. According to Darko Delakorda of the Criminal Police Directorate, who was in charge of the training programme, they all did very well: "In my opinion the training was successful. They were all highly motivated, and their expert knowledge depended upon their previous experience in the field. There are quite a few new criminal police officers with theoretical knowledge but lacking in practical experience."

IMG 8283

The objectives of the training were to pass on practical knowledge and skills which will be needed in detecting and investigating crime. Through actual working conditions and the environment accompanying detection and investigation of crime, the participants were able to test their acquired theoretical knowledge. They were familiarised with the forms of cooperation between the criminal police and other organisational units of the Police, the State Prosecutor, the investigating judge, and other state bodies and institutions involved in the prevention, detection and investigation of crime.

IMG 8170The Director General of the Police congratulated all "freshmen" on passing the training programme, and emphasised that it is their duty "to be diligent, lawful and professional at work, because according the law in Slovenia is equal for all. All citizens are equal before the law."

IMG 8314

The expert part of the programme was dedicated to specialised subjects, which respectively included specialists from other organisational units of the Police. Within the period of 14 days the following topics were considered:

IMG 1881on-the-spot inspection of a railway accident

IMG 6971on-the-spot inspection of an explosion site
IMG 6998 IMG 7002

DSCN0911 investigation of property crime

DSCN0968 investigation of environmental crime

DSC00381inspection of arson (fire)

DSCN1009investigation of suicide, accidents and other cases of suspicious death

DSCN0982 police measures and procedural acts etc.

Some participants shared their impressions of the training programme with us:

IMG 6984Sandi Kociper, CPD, Maribor PD: "Only positive feelings. We got to know different situations, how to react, how to investigate, how to perform an inspection and so on. In future we hope even more training sessions will be organised, for senior criminal officers as well, because the exchange of information and methods of inspections is a step towards uniform practice of this work in Slovenia. We have a great time in the evenings, too, when we summarise all the positive and negative sides of what we did during the day. I enjoyed in the robbery simulation the most. We executed it completely, which means from the inspection of the site to the capturing of the suspect and the examination of the traces."

IMG 6985 Nenad Nikolovski, criminal police office from Macedonia: "This is the first time participating in such a training programme and I find it very good. In Macedonia nothing similar is organised. In my opinion it is very useful for us and we can learn a lot. Everything was interesting, especially when we flew in a helicopter and investigated the terrain."

IMG 8128 Gavrilo Hadžič, FSC, CPD: "I enjoyed the training very much; there was always something going on. It would have been even better if the emphasis had been on practice, not so much on theory. Otherwise, what had been studied in theory was seen live afterwards. I liked the explosion the most. Training like this is very good, and I hope to be able to participate in as many sessions as possible."

IMG 7040 Albert Nabernik, CPD Koper PD: "Due to the nature of the investigation I am not in a position to give a statement. Please turn to the competent public representative."

IMG 7046 Samo Žerdoner, CPD, Celje PU: "During the criminal police training course we learnt a lot of theoretical as well as practical facts. We were taught by the 'old dogs' with years of practice in the Police. I liked the self-defence most, but I believe that we could have had more. This programme is one of the most important and necessary professional courses for a criminal police officer, but I need quite some time and practical experience yet, to know how to work as a criminal police officer."