Air Support Unit trains Macedonian colleagues in external load operations and firefighting 24 March 2023
Slovenian development assistance for Macedonia in progress - to reach more success in investigation of corruption cases 16 September 2016
Twenty officers ready to serve the mission 21 November 2014
Joint exercise of DCAF and the Slovenian Police 19 November 2014
Peacekeepers-to-be Start Training 11 November 2014
Macedonian police learn about Slovenia's police training 10 July 2014
UNHCR and Police Academy organise third migration workshop 12 June 2014
The Slovenian Police train two Kosovo police officers for working with service dogs 11 June 2012
Slovenian Police train 18 police trainers from six countries for work in civilian missions 21 October 2011
Two-week practical part of the criminal investigation course ends 17 June 2011
Motorcycle police officers update their first aid skills with help from motorcycle paramedics 15 June 2011
Praised dedication of psychologists and police peer counsellors for mutual assistance 6 May 2011
The Slovenian and Austrian police complete joint training for dealing with amok situations 25 March 2011
Goršek receives police officers qualifying for the first internationally certified training programme 7 March 2011
Future police peacekeepers to start training 11 October 2010
New manpower for the Special Unit 12 November 2008
Test Shows Excellent Preparedness of Officers from Specialised Police Unit 22 October 2008
Representatives of the Security and Protection Office attend advanced training for security vehicles 10 October 2008
Special training for police divers from the Special Unit 18 September 2008
2008 Criminal Police Training Programme Concludes Today 30 June 2008
Field Training Exercise of the Special Unit at Sea 19 June 2008
Winter Camp for Special Unit Members 2 April 2008
First Group of Municipal Wardens Successfully Finish Training 26 March 2008
Training of the Special Unit for Action against a Terrorist Hijacking 17 March 2008
Winter Training for Mountain Police Unit 5 March 2008
Motorcycle police officers shall perform training using the motorcycle simulator 6 February 2008
Training of the Republic of Macedonia border police officers 30 January 2007