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A 3-day training for building capacity of Macedonia in the area of investigation of corruption cases was successfully concluded on 1 September 2016 in Macedonia. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and Police of the Republic of Slovenia.


Eighteen Macedonian high-level executives who participated in the training expressed satisfaction with quality of Slovenian assistance and methodology of the workshop, and they assessed exchanged experience valuable to fight corruption.

With the method of active participation the exchange of experiences and comparison of criminal tactics and criminalistics methodological differences in directing investigations and comparison of legal conditions for initiation and successful conduct of investigation in examined cases from Slovene and Macedonian practices was conducted. Through discussions during the analysis of the cases it was identified what are the differences between Slovenia as a EU member and Macedonia in investigation of corruption and what changes should be introduced and in what way for more efficiency and effectiveness in investigation of corruption criminal  offences.

In the continuation of the project a workshop will also be organised which will involve representatives of other state authorities in addition to the officials from the Ministry of Interior and will address experiences in inter-institutional cooperation in investigation of corruption and potentials in Macedonia for improving inter-institutional cooperation in this area.

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The project is part of the Slovenian Development Assistance Programme funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.