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Policemen all over Slovenia will exercise stricter control over the mental and physical fitness of drivers during St Martin's Feast between 5 and 15 November 2009.  The Ministry of Health, along with other ministries, the Police, inspection services and NGOs, launched a joint preventive campaign titled "Alcohol kills - most frequently the innocent".

tighIn addition to the Police, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport, other institutions also participate in preventive and repressive activities aimed at reducing consumption and abuse of alcohol and increasing road traffic safety: Health Inspectorate, Market Inspectorate, Labour Inspectorate, Institute of Public Health, "Party with your Head" Foundation (Fundacija Z glavo na zabavo), Safe Journey Institute (Zavod varna pot), Institute for Development of Family Medicine, Chair of Family Medicine at the Ljubljana Faculty of Medicine, DrogArt, Faculty of Social Work and the Confederation of Drivers and Auto Mechanics Associations of Slovenia (ZŠAM).

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Police activities

The objective of this campaign is to reduce the number of people involved in road traffic accidents while under the influence of alcohol and, in general, to reduce the number of traffic accidents with alcohol as a secondary factor.

Police officers have the following two main tasks:

  • to exercise stricter control over the mental and physical fitness of drivers, in particular near pubs, bars, discos, nightclubs and other places associated with this issue; and
  • to exercise stricter control over compliance with the provisions of the Act Restricting the Use of Alcohol, i.e. selling alcohol to minors and drunken customers, especially in pubs and bars.

Stricter traffic controls are co-ordinated with the European Traffic Police Network - TISPOL.

Advice for road users and owners of pubs and bars

If you drink alcoholic beverages (regardless of the quantity consumed), do not drive.  Be sober when you drive!

  • When you drink alcoholic beverages, let somebody drive who has not been drinking, or use public means of transport.
  • Drivers - adjust your speed to the road conditions!
  • Pay attention to pedestrians!
  • Pedestrians should dress in brightly coloured clothes and use reflective safety accessories.
  • Always adhere to all road traffic rules!

Compliance with the Act Restricting the Use of Alcohol and caution are advised to organisers of public events and owners of catering establishments when selling alcoholic beverages.   Do not sell alcoholic beverages to anyone already under the influence of alcohol, to minors and especially to people whom you know intend to drink and drive!

How does alcohol affect your most important driving skills?

  • alcohol diminishes your ability of normal judgment;
  • alcohol reduces your perception;
  • your estimates of distance are inaccurate, your reactions are wrong and slow considering the given traffic situation;
  • alcohol diminishes your perception of the colour red;
  • your ability to adjust to changes of light is reduced;
  • your concentration diminishes and your reaction time increases;
  • you experience problems with balance;
  • your field of view is reduced.

Drunk driving can be lethal!

After consumption, alcohol stays in your system for up to 12 hours, or even longer. The morning after, you still might not be fully able to drive safely, or a breath test may show an alcohol level above the limit.

Have a safe journey!