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Pedestrians are among the most endangered traffic participants, especially during autumn and winter. For the provision of their safety, police officers will be especially active during the three-week campaign Be Visible which will be conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport until 22 October 2009. Among others, we will warn pupils, their parents and grandparents of the use of reflectors.


In order to provide higher safety of pedestrians in traffic, police officers will work in this period together with other institutions: the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Education and Sport, the National Education Institute, local councils for prevention and education in road traffic, Automobile Association of Slovenia, Red Cross of Slovenia, Association of Drivers and Car Mechanics of Slovenia, Association Varna pot and Slovenian Federation of Pensioners' Organisations.

Numerous preventive and repressive activities are intended for the safety of pedestrians. Preventive activities of police officers are intended mostly to raise the awareness of pedestrians that they must take care on their own about their traffic safety (by wearing bright clothes, reflectors, reflecting slip-overs, respecting the road transport regulations, etc.). Repressive activities are directed to the speed control of drivers of motor vehicles in the areas where pedestrians most likely appear.


In this period, police officers will:

  • inform the public of the problems of pedestrians in traffic as well as on the preventive and repressive measures of the police,
  • visit elderly homes and pensioners' organisations and offer classes on safe walking of pedestrians,
  • visit kindergartens and first grades of elementary schools where children will be educated on safe participation in traffic; moreover, they will be taken on safe paths and pedestrian crossings,
  • regularly inform competent services responsible for the maintenance and restoration of dangerous road sections,
  • carry out short tightened control of pedestrians in settlements and outside of them,
  • measure speed and control traffic by other measures where the pedestrian problem is the highest,
  • determine the irregularities of pedestrians in traffic,
  • inform parents in written form about all serious violations of road traffic regulations committed by their children.