What should you do if you are an employee of a bank, post office, exchange office, store or if you are just waiting in line?

I was in the bank when it happened.

drawing of a bank robberyWhat rules must be observed by the employees behind the payment desks?

  • Do not challenge the perpetrator with open tills, drawers or cash on the desk;
  • do not count cash in front of customers or at the end of business hours at open door;
  • do not open the door for anyone after the end of the operating time;
  • when arriving at work, before unlocking the door, always check if you might be watched;
  • if you carry cash when leaving work, do so with extreme caution and do not take the same route and at the same time every day.

What should an employee behind the payment desk do if a robbery occurs?

  • Immediately activate an alarm linked to the police or the intervention center of a security company;
  • immediately activate optical devices (cameras) if they are not permanently switched on;
  • immediately activate the pneumatic barriers (stops), if they are built into the counter;
  • if the alarm and camera cannot be activated immediately and undetectably, don't take any chances;
  • remain calm and do not provoke the perpetrator with unnecessary movements or actions;
  • do not react too boldly or recklessly. Your life is worth more than the cash entrusted to you;
  • do not shout, as this may endanger someone else in the room;
  • closely monitor the robber's reactions and bear in mind that he may be more afraid than you are;
  • listen to him carefully during the attack, and on his orders, hand over the cash hesitantly and slowly;
  • try to remember as many characteristics of the robber as possible (figure, age, clothes, words, accent, dialect and other details);
  • after the attack, observe where the robber escaped and how (on foot, license number, color, type of vehicle...).