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Bicycle thefts 12 March 2019

Last year, 185 criminal offences were recorded on and along Slovenian motorways, predominantly thefts. Therefore it is important for drivers and passengers to be vigilant and keep an eye on their vehicle and objects inside.

On Slovenian motorways and in their vicinity criminals use different ways of committing theft. At rest areas they attract the victims' attention, while their accomplices steal valuables items from the vehicle. There are still cases when foreigners try to sell fake goods (fake gold brass jewellery). There have also been cases when perpetrators puncture a tyre on the victim's vehicle and later, when the victim is forced to stop at the side of the motorway, pretend to offer assistance and steal valuables from the car.


At night time, criminals take advantage of the drivers' absence from the vehicles to break into cars and lorry cabs and steal valuables. We have also been informed of break-ins committed while drivers were resting in their vehicles.

Therefore the police advise drivers and passengers to keep an eye on their vehicle and objects inside at all times while stopping at motorway rest areas. You are advised to lock the vehicle if you have to leave it, and not leave valuable items, such as laptops, wallets and mobile phones visible. If you are being flagged down by unknown individuals when driving, it is strongly recommended that you do not stop, if nothing else, from the point of view of traffic safety.