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Border crossing regime at the Slovenia-Hungary border has been changed today after the Government adopted a decision to relax the measures for Slovenian and Hungarian citizens entering Slovenia.

Based on the assessment of the epidemiological situation and the agreement between the Slovenian and Hungarian Minsters of Foreign Affairs, Hungary has been added to the list of countries whose residents may enter Slovenia without restrictions. This means that persons with permanent and temporary residence in Hungary may enter Slovenia and no quarantine will be ordered for them.

The decision entered into force today, 28 May 2020, at 15.00. Croatia has been on that list since 18 May and was the first country to be put on the list.

Additionally, border crossing is now allowed at the checkpoint Hodo┼í ÔÇô Bajansenye for all Slovenian and Hungarian citizens (until now it was only open for daily cross-border workers, owners and tenants of land on both sides of the border and persons visiting close family members).

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