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Slovenian Government has extended the validity of the Ordinance determining the conditions of entry into the Republic of Slovenia to contain and control the COVID-19 infectious disease until 29 August 2021. Consequently, all the provisions continue to apply unchanged, including the conditions for entering Slovenia and all the valid exemptions.

Entry to Slovenia without having to undergo a ten-day quarantine at home is allowed for travellers fulfilling the RVT (recovered-vaccinated-tested) condition and for five exceptional categories of travellers, who are not required to fulfil the RVT condition.

The exception when RTV condition is not required continues to apply for:

  • persons without a residence in Slovenia who are in transit through Slovenia and leave Slovenia in the shortest possible time or within 12 hours of entry;
  • persons posted to carry out tasks in the international transport sector who leave Slovenia within 12 hours of crossing the border;
  • children under the age of 15 who cross the border together with a close family member who has not been put under home quarantine or has not been refused entry to Slovenia, or in an organised group escorted by a teacher or caregiver who has not been ordered to quarantine at home or has not been denied entry to the Republic of Slovenia;
  • persons who own or lease land in the border area or on both sides of the state border and cross the state border with a neighbouring country for the purpose of carrying out agricultural and forestry work and return to Slovenia within 10 hours of crossing the border - this exception also applies to close family members and other people with a registered residence at the same address when travelling together;
  • cross-border migrant workers who are employed in an EU Member State or a Schengen Area country and residing within 10 kilometres aerial distance from the common border of Slovenia and a neighbouring country, and who return within five days of crossing the border.

Persons claiming the status of one of the five listed exceptions must provide proof of exception to the police, otherwise they will be put under home quarantine. If persons claiming the status of one of the exceptions are foreign nationals without registered residency address in Slovenia, they will be allowed to enter Slovenia and undergo a ten-day quarantine only if they can undoubtedly prove that they have quarantine location available, otherwise they will be denied entry.

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