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Directors General of the Slovenian and the Croatian police met at a working meeting in Zagreb in the spirit of friendly relations and with a desire to improve their mutual cooperation.


On the occasion of their brief meeting, Janko Goršek, Director General of the Slovenian Police, and his Croatian counterpart Oliver Grbić expressed their satisfaction with aspirations of the police of the two countries for strengthening their cooperation. At this working meeting, they also discussed the cooperation between the Slovenian and the Croatian police in providing security during the summer tourist season and the initiative launched by the Slovenian ministry of the interior to sign the Declaration of cooperation between the countries of South East Europe in the fight against terrorism.

They also discussed the agreement on cooperation between Croatia and Slovenia in providing security for the transport of money and a appointing a joint liaison officer for Slovenia, Croatia and Austria to Italy. The two heads of the police agreed, among other things, to exchange experiences and good practices in the field of public event and road traffic security.


Mr. Goršek and Mr. Grbić agreed that the cooperation between the Slovenian and the Croatian police was very good and expressed their hope for continued good relations between the police of the two countries.