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Next week, on certain motorway sections where the problem of speeding is particularly acute (such as at toll stations, before road works, where a motorway turns into a single carriageway, etc.), the police will begin using a new system of stationary speed detection.

In order to slow the traffic in these motorway sections, thus ensuring the greater safety of motorway users, the police has obtained a system intended for stationary speed detection where there are lane closures. The purchase of this device was financed by the Motorway Company of the Republic of Slovenia (DARS).

JozeSmidAt the Torovo toll station, media representatives were able to have a look at the new system.

Next week, the police will be carrying out speed checks on sections with lane closures, at toll stations and on sections where the motorway becomes a single carriageway and vice versa. Measuring will take place mainly without the presence of police officers, so fines and notices will be sent to offenders' home address.

The problem of speeding is particularly relevant on motorway sections where the speed limit is reduced because of road works, at toll stations, the narrowing of dual carriageways into single carriageways, in tunnels and on other motorway sections that are potentially more dangerous with regard to road safety when not adhering to speed limits. The speed at these sections is limited due to the safety of road users and workers carrying out road works. By reducing the speed on these sections we wish to ensure a higher level of safety for all.

Last year, there were 1528 (1776)* traffic accidents on Slovenian motorways caused by speeding. In these accidents, 9 (30) people died, 51 (56) received severe injuries and 573 (723) suffered only minor injuries.
*Note: Figures in brackets refer to 2007.

In the summer of 2007 one of the worst accidents in Slovenia took place at the lane closure before the Golovec tunnel on the eastern section of the Ljubljana bypass. Seven people died in this accident (five foreign citizens and two Slovenian ones). Many drivers also run into lane closure equipment, but usually these accidents result only in minor material damage. Last year, there were 53 such accidents.

This year, as in previous years, the MCRS is planning the construction of new motorway sections as well as maintenance work. The number of lane closures depends on the extent of maintenance work carried out each year on motorways and express roads, which is necessary and which will increase as the motorway system increases in size. Every lane closure is an additional element disrupting traffic, which is why paying due attention to road signs is even more important.

slika radarja

The speed detector, which acts on the Doppler principle, is manufactured by the German company Robot;
the name of the specific model is Multaradar C.