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On the platform of the Logistics Office of the General Police Directorate, Minister of the Interior Dragutin Mate officially delivered 14 new Yamaha FJR 1300 AP motorcycles for traffic policemen to Deputy Director General of the Police MatjaĆŸ Ć inkovec.

minister govorThe Minister and Deputy Director General wished the policemen a lucky and safe ride

Sinkovec govor

predaja kljuca

Altogether, the police bought 14 motorcycles for a total value of EUR 262,382, including VAT. In the tender, the Delta Team d.o.o. company was selected from among the bidders.

motorji blizje

Motorcycles that are used for work by Slovenian police officers

There are 316 police officers in the Slovenian police qualified to work with motorcycles. They undergo annual training according to a specially prepared programme.

motorji Zoran

Slovenian traffic police have mainly been using BMW motorcycles for a number of years. Today, older 1995 BMW R 80RT motorcycles are still being used. After the arrival of a new type of motorcycle with the same R mark, BMW R 850 RT models (1996) started to be used and from 2002, the police only purchased the BMW R 1150 RT. To control the state border, the police officers also use BMW 650 F motorcycles. Last year, the police bought 35 Honda NT 700VA motorcycles.

motor desno

From 2000 till the end of 2007, altogether 116 motorcycles above 650 ccm of various marks were purchased.

Basic data on the YAMAHA FRJ 300 AP motorbike

The motorbike was already fabricated for police use (white colour, one seat, place for police equipment, side coffers, holders for light and sound signalisation). The bidder equipped it according to the specifications of the Slovenian police and installed the proper light and sound signalisation.


Yamaha FJR 1300A motorcycles are also used by the police in other European countries. The majority are used by police officers in France (in 2005 and 2006, they had 489 motorcycles), Netherlands (in 2005 and 2006, they were using 300 motorcycles), Belgium (in 2005 and 2006, they were using 278 motorcycles) and Germany (from 2004 till 2006, they were using 46 motorcycles).

minister na motorju

motor profil


Detailed technical data on the YAMAHA FRJ 1300 AP motorbike

Engine: Yamaha FJR1300AP
Type: 4-stroke, 4 cylinders, 16 valves with catalyst
Maximum power: 105.5 kW (143.5 HP) @ 8,000 rpm
Volume of fuel tank: 25 litres

Performance / Consumption
Maximum speed over 200 km/h, fuel consumption 6.1 litres at 150 km/h

Immediately after the motorcycles were delivered, the traffic policemen, along with the Deputy Director General, took a test ride with the new bikes. Along the 204-kilometre route (Ljubljana - Črni Vrh - Ć tanjel - SeĆŸana - Postojna - Vrhnika - Ljubljana), the officers stopped at the Traffic Police Station in Postojna, among other places.


Status in the field of street traffic safety in 2007 - of drivers of single-track motor vehicles

In 2007, 1,758 traffic accidents occurred on Slovenian roads that included drivers of single-track motor vehicles, which is 5.1% more (1673) than in 2006. Among them, 53 persons died, 264 were seriously injured and 1011 mildly injured. In comparison with 2006, the number of deaths is 1.8% lower (54), the number of seriously injured increased by 1.5% (261), and the number of mildly injured went up by 8.1% (937).

The most frequent causes of traffic accidents with the worst consequences were: excessive speed, wrong direction and wrong side of driving, irregular overtaking and ignoring the rules of priority. In traffic accidents, the drivers of motorcycles and of bikes with motors were in 60% of cases the perpetrators and in 40% of cases participants.

Statistical data on the status of traffic safety among the drivers of single-track vehicles in 2007

  • The drivers of single-track motor vehicles (motorcycles or bikes with motors) participated in 1785 traffic accidents, which is 2.9% of all traffic accidents.
  • 53 drivers of single-track motor vehicles (motorcycles or bikes with motors) died, which is 18.1% of all death victims in road traffic.
  • 264 drivers of single-track motor vehicles were seriously injured, which was 20.6% of all seriously injured in traffic accidents.
  • 1011 drivers of single-track motor vehicles were mildly injured, which was 6.8 % of all mildly injured in traffic accidents.
  • The most frequent cause of accidents of drivers of motorcycles was excessive speed.
  • Among them, 15.6% of perpetrators were under the influence of alcohol.

More on traffic safety of motorcyclists

Motorcycle police officers shall perform training using the motorcycle simulator