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Special Police Unit 19 March 2021

Within the framework of a ship drill of the Special Unit, a field training exercise was implemented on Thursday, 19 June 2008.

IMG 7139

The police officers of the Special Unit are trained on a daily basis so as to be able to perform police tasks which require the top level of competence and psycho-physical fitness of individual members as well as of the unit as a whole. One of these training exercises, namely anti-terrorist training of members of the Special Unit, is implemented in the summertime when the police staff work and train under conditions specific to work at sea.

IMG 7141

The field training exercise was attended by Director General of the Police Jože Romšek, who complimented the members of the Special Unit on their top fitness.

IMG 7131From left: Milan Pleško, Assistant Commander of the SU; Jože Romšek, Director General of the Police; and Marjan Anzeljc, Commander of the SU

The field training exercise was implemented according to the following scenario
: ship passengers are being held hostage by a group of terrorists. All negotiations with the kidnappers have been unsuccessful, the violence is gradually increasing, and therefore the decision to call upon the Special Unit for crisis intervention has been made. Due to the complexity of the crisis situation and the need for specific technical facilities of the Police, the Naval Police Station, equipped with vessels, the Aviation Police Unit, equipped with aircraft, and the Koper Directorate Police Units arrived at the scene for protection.

IMG 7161

A Special Unit boat also arrived, carrying a diver prepared for cases of emergency or for rescuing the perpetrator from the sea.

IMG 7166Coordinated approach and entry onboard the ship

IMG 7179

During the exercise, developments were covered by snipers in a helicopter above the area, and those located at several strategic points on land.

IMG 7200 IMG 7202

Taking up key positions on the ship

IMG 7232 Kidnappers and hostages

IMG 7234"This ship is being seized by the Special Unit of the Slovenian Police!"
the "Specials" shouted, rescuing the hostages by incapacitating the kidnappers.

IMG 7256

IMG 7298Superbly trained members of the Slovenian Police

IMG 7326

IMG 7332

The Special Unit was recently involved in the protection of the EU-USA Summit, carried out as part of the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council. The Special Unit was directly involved in the protection of the president and first lady of the USA. Simultaneously, Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport and the Brdo Congress Centre were inspected for explosives.

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