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Between 11 and 14 September 2008, over the four days of the Children's Bazaar at the Gospodarsko Razstavi┼í─Źe exhibition centre in Ljubljana, the police gave an enthusiastic crowd of young visitors a chance to learn about their work.

iz zraka


The Children's Bazaar was officially opened on 11 September by the Minister of Education and Sport but the event actually began to the sparkling musical accompaniment of the Police Orchestra.


In the indoor exhibition area and on the esplanade outside, members of the force presented the interesting and varied work undertaken by police officers on international peacekeeping missions, the work of forensic experts, the tasks faced by members of the Special Unit, the work of police district chiefs, the problem of illegal drugs, and the issue of road safety. Advice was offered to parents and children on road safety, youth violence, vandalism, protecting the home and protection of property.

bazarko motorEvent mascot Bazarko with a police motorbike

Police officers manning the exhibition stand chatted to children and their parents, teachers and other visitors and answered their questions.

cernilogar Dušan Černilogar, chief of the Moste-Kodeljevo police district in Ljubljana, talking to some children

Children were given a copy of the educational colouring book Safely to School and Home Again. For those children who completed the form with two questions (with their parents or carers or with the help of the police officers) and posted it in the collection box in the exhibition area, a prize draw will be held at the General Police Directorate.

krim svetuje

Events in the police exhibition area and outside were livened up by appearances by police athletes such as the gymnast Mitja Petkovšek (pictured).



On the forecourt in front of the entrance to Hall A, visitors had the chance to see the equipment of the Special Unit (armoured car and special equipment used by the bomb protection unit, including the robot used for handling explosive devices). Visitors were also able to inspect the equipment of the traffic police and the police motorcycles and special vehicles that traffic officers use in their work.

mladi motorist

The youngest visitors were especially interested in the police horses and the equipment used by mounted officers in carrying out their duties. Some took the opportunity to have their picture taken sitting on a police horse.


The police dog handlers and their four-legged colleagues were another popular attraction.


Adults and children alike showed considerable interest in the forensic equipment on display in front of the scene-of-crime van.


While chatting to children and other visitors, police cyclists distributed a preventive leaflet with advice on how to protect your bicycle from theft.


By far the biggest attraction took place on Friday 12 September with the demonstration of a helicopter rescue of an injured police officer. Officers of the Mountain Rescue Unit abseiled down from a helicopter belonging to the Air Support Unit to reach an "injured" colleague, winched him up into the helicopter and flew him off to safety.


ogled helikopterja


resevalec ranjenec1

The Children's Bazaar was attended by numerous government ministers and other prominent figures from politics and business. Among them was interior minister Dragutin Mate, who was present for the simulated helicopter rescue and some of the other presentations of the work of the police.


At the closing of the Bazaar, the police received a commendation from the organisers for their excellent presentation at the event.