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The police presented itself also this year at the Student arena, the largest education-fair event for young people. The event was taking place between 13 and 15 October 2009 in Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

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For the tenth consecutive year, in the internal exhibition place and the external platform of the Exhibition Centre we presented to visitors various areas of police work, police equipment and vehicles. Among others, in the last days of the fair we presented a police motorcycle, Provida, a vehicle with an integrated video-surveillance system, and a van for the review of criminal offences.

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A lot of interested was shown for the vehicle with integrated video-surveillance system Provida.

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On the platform of the Exhibition and Convention Centre, visitors were able to see the van for the review of criminal offences.

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Visitors were able to test their skills on the motorcycle-riding simulator. An instructor provided them advice.

Throughout the fair, we advised young people regarding safe participation in traffic and protection of personal assets; furthermore, our experts answered questions on employment and education in police.

IMG 5266

Samples of illegal drugs and equipment used by burglars to break into vehicles.

A criminal police officer advised throughout the fair on the influence and consequences of the misuse of illegal drugs. A lot of interest was shown in this topic among the young people as well as their parents, who are frequently facing unpleasant questions in the care for their children. In the exhibition place of the police, visitors were also able to see samples of some illegal drugs; a criminal police officer explained to visitors how to recognise them.

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In the Exhibition and Convention Centre, one was also able to meet some of the famous Slovenian top athletes who are employed in the police.

IMG 5514

Presentation of skilful motorcycle-driving

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A lot of interest was shown in the presentation of a rescue of "an injured police officer" with a helicopter. Police officers of the Special Mountain Police Unit used ropes to climb to the roof of the Exhibition and Convention Centre and rescued their "injured colleague". Police officers of the Special Unit also presented an armoured fighting vehicle.

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IMG 5594

Police officers of the Special Police Units presented to visitors the equipment they use during their work.

IMG 6194 IMG_6171

Police officers participating in international civil missions have also presented their work in the Student Arena.

At this opportunity, we also presented the service police animals. These were especially interesting for the visitors; moreover, in this way the police can also in an easier way bring police work closer to visitors.

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IMG 5789

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A lot of interest was also shown in the presentation of the use of a service dog for general use. A guide presented the use of the dog with and without a muzzle. Later on, police officers presented also the work of a service dog for specialist use, who managed to find a sample of illegal drugs in a very short time.

IMG 5885

When a service dog notices ''a perpetrator of a criminal offence"...

IMG 5910

IMG 5942

Two police officers helped the dog and hand-cuffed the offender.

IMG 6127

After the finished work, Arni was entertaining us some more; he has pleasantly surprised numerous visitors with his playfulness and warmth.

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