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In the period between 1 and 13 September 2009, Slovenian police officers all over the country are exerting tighter control of seatbelt usage by car drivers and passengers. In the same time seatbelt usage is also controlled in other European countries.

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This preventive campaign is aimed at reducing the number of fatalities and seriously injured persons in road traffic accidents due to not being buckled up and at increasing the seatbelt usage among drivers and passengers in all vehicles.

Within the framework of the campaign police officers:

  • at national and local roads, exert stricter controls over mandatory usage of seatbelts and child restraint systems in all kinds of vehicles and take immediate measures against those who violate regulations,
  • point out to bus and other transport companies that seatbelt usage is mandatory,
  • visit primary and secondary schools and continue reminding parents at parents' meetings that buckling up is mandatory, and
  • present their activities to general public in various other ways.

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The police endeavour to stimulate as many drivers as possible to use seatbelts. Namely, we establish over and over again that consequences of serious traffic accidents could have been substantially milder if drivers and passengers in vehicles used seatbelts more consistently.

Seatbelt usage is mandatory

Mandatory buckling up is regulated in Article 83 of the Road Traffic Safety Act according to which a fine of EUR 120 shall be imposed on a driver or passenger for failing to use a seatbelt.

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