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Yesterday, 15 January 2010, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice and the Ski Association of Slovenia organized a preventive action in Kranjska Gora under the slogan Only Safe Skiing Brings Pleasure!.

Police guidelines for the promotion of safety on ski slopes

Skiing can only be fun and safe when all ski slope users are well informed, considerate of other people, responsible, aware of internationally valid rules of conduct (10 FIS rules) and consistently respecting these rules.

The fact is that skiing does not only bring pleasure, but also a certain level of risk. A huge increase in the number of ski slope visitors, new methods and techniques of skiing and snow gliding, new aids, additional equipment, low level of awareness, arrogance and lack of caution of many skiers can lead to injuries. Therefore, the Ski Slope Safety Act includes internationally valid rules of conduct for skiing.

We all contribute to safety in skiing resorts, however, it is in the first place the responsibility of every individual. For safe skiing it is important to establish cooperation between the competent local community, ski slope operators and their authorized persons, inspection authorities, skiing instructors and trainers, Alpine guides as well as users of cableway installations and winter sport resorts.

Smucanje 150110The event was made even more interesting by police officers from the Security and Protection Office of the General Police Directorate who demonstrated skiing with a protected person.