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Hiking Info 12 September 2012
Reading the mountain 6 September 2012

Hiking in the hills and mountains is a pastime for many people. As mountaineering is an inherently dangerous sport, the mountain police are on duty 24/7 to help you. As of 3 June 2011, a team of rescuers and a helicopter team will be on call to intervene in the mountains if needed.

In June and September, the team stands ready on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. In July and August, the rescuers are also available on weekdays.

The emergency team consists of a doctor and a rescuer from Slovenia's Mountain Rescue Union, a helicopter crew, and a member of the Mountain Police Unit. They are positioned at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, ready to respond to emergency calls from early morning to late evening. Other members of the Mountain Police Unit are also on call to assist on the ground.

In the summer, the mountain police will be patrolling the mountain trails and providing safety tips to hikers. They plan to work together with Triglav National Park supervisors in the nature protection. They will also work with their fellow officers from the Helicopter Unit - Slovenia's pioneering mountain rescue service.


The ABC of avoiding accidents is to remember some basic safety tips. In order to avoid sliding, make sure you wear suitable footwear. To protect yourself from falling rocks, wear a safety helmet. Follow the trail signs carefully and keep an eye on the weather.

Prior to 3 June this year, there were 138 interventions in the mountains and on difficult terrain. The rescuers searched for 7 missing persons; the helicopter was involved in 37 cases. The majority of the people rescued were aged 18-55. Most of the accidents occurred while hiking in the trail, engaging in airborne sports, climbing, ski touring and hiking off-trail.

Among the rescued, 14 were unscathed, 20 suffered minor injuries, 25 were severely injured, 6 died, and 7 were found to be suffering from an illness.

Today was a quiet day. The rescuers hope for many more such days in the future.


Watch your step and good luck!