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This year the Slovenian Police celebrates the fortieth anniversary since the Slovenian Police started employing women as police officers. This anniversary was marked by the opening of a photographic exhibition entitled Women Police Officers Throughout History on 7 March 2013.

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The assembled were addressed by Deputy Director General of the Police Tatjana Bobnar, who underlined that Slovenian police officers of both genders carry out their everyday tasks of providing security to all Slovenian citizens very well and very effectively. "Women officers believe that mutual relations between the genders in the police are good and that attitude towards them has changed for the better in the recent years along with the increased number of female police employees. They like to stress that they have no problems in relation to their superiors and that, as a rule, they do not encounter double standards. It is certainly true that effective work depends on quality mutual relations, comradeship, solidarity and general culture. We must bear in mind, however, that the desired culture cannot be achieved by pushing a button but it is developed over time, day after day, shaped by the conduct of each one of us."

The first employed police officer, not only in Slovenia but in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, reported by a number of foreign mass media, was Danica Loren─Źi─Ź Melihar, who joined the Slovenian Police in 1936 and among other even headed the Ljubljana Police Directorate.

Today the police employs 2,041 women, representing 24.26 % of all employees. 1,122 are employed on positions of authorised officers while 919 occupy professional-technical posts.

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