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Certain rules of behaviour apply not only to alpine sports, but also to cross-country skiing. The International Ski Federation - FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski) also issued ten rules for cross-country skiers.

Ten rules for cross-country skiers

  1. Every cross-country skier must behave in such a way as not to endanger or injure anyone.
  1. It is necessary to follow the markings and warning signs, and on cross-country trails it is necessary to run in the indicated direction.
  1. On parallel double or multi-track trails, it is necessary to run in the right track. The cross-country skiers in a group must run in the right track one by one.
  1. Overtaking is allowed right or left on the free track or off the track. The skier in front is not required to leave the track, but must withdraw if they believe they can do so without danger.
  1. In meetings, each skier must retreat toward the right.
  1. When you are overtaking or being overtaken by another skier, you must hold the poles close to your body.
  1. Especially on steep tracks, each skier must adapt their speed and movement to their knowledge, terrain conditions, traffic density and visibility. The skier must also maintain a sufficient safety distance from the skier in front of them. If necessary, they must also throw himself to the ground if they can avoid a collision that way.
  1. Whoever stops should get off the skiing track. A skier who has fallen should leave the skiing track as soon as possible.
  1. In case of accidents, everyone is obliged to come to the rescue.
  1. Everyone, whether an eyewitness or a participant in an accident, regardless of whether they are at fault for the accident or not, must provide their personal information in the event of an accident.

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