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Mobile phone use while driving is on the rise among Slovenian drivers. Unfortunately, they are not aware enough that using a mobile phone behind the wheel significantly reduces their concentration. As a result, they may overlook important traffic signals and respond too slowly to unpredictable road conditions. Such circumstances can lead to a serious car accident.

picture of the video with the preventive action of the Agency for Traffic Safety of the Republic of Slovenia - Driving smart

Are you driving? Turn off the phone.

This is the most important message of the preventive action of the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency, in which the police also participate.

Using mobile phones while driving is dangerous.
If you use a mobile phone while driving, you are 4 times more likely to have a car accident.

Can you imagine what all can happen?
Take a look at the ad (in Slovenian language) and then think twice before sitting back in the car with your phone on!

Every second counts. Every life counts.
Whatever it is, it can wait.

drawing of a crossed-out mobile phoneThe purpose of the preventive action is to reduce the possibility of participating in traffic accidents that would result from the use of a mobile phone while driving, and to raise awareness among the general public about the dangers of talking or texting on mobile phones while driving. Police officers are involved in the campaign through preventive activities as well as stricter controls, which are carried out during regular work.

Use of mobile phones while driving can also be a factor in the occurrence of traffic accidents due to slower driver reaction time, poor adjustment to road conditions and reduced attention to surroundings and traffic. According to some foreign research, the risk of a car accident is four times higher if we talk on the phone while driving.

Slovenian legislation allows phoning while driving, but only if the vehicle is equipped with a hands-free device. Nevertheless, the police advise you not to make phone calls while driving, as driving is an activity to which we must devote all our attention!

In the event of an urgent use of a mobile phone, it is therefore safest to stop at a suitable place outside the carriageway and continue only when you have finished talking.

picture of a crossed-out mobile phone in the driver's hand