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Too many pedestrians have recently died on Slovenian roads as a result of traffic accidents

In a few cases, car drivers failed to take into account the priority of a pedestrian crossing the carriageway correctly at a marked crossing, and a few pedestrians died because car drivers drove too fast. Drivers are therefore warned to pay more attention to pedestrians! Pedestrians are advised to take care of their own safety by being especially careful and visible on the roads.


We must enable pedestrians to cross the road safely!

Car drivers are therefore warned to pay attention to pedestrians, especially in front of marked crossings and in other areas where pedestrians often stop. Drivers are also reminded to adjust their speed to traffic conditions and to strictly observe speed limits.

However, we warn pedestrians to take care of their own safety and comply with road traffic regulations.
They should be very careful and visible on the roads.


The picture shows the point of contact of the head of an adult pedestrian depending on the speed of the car at the time of the collision.

PrehodZaPesce bPedestrians are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users, as they are classified as the weaker participants. They can make an important contribution to greater safety by crossing correctly in marked places, walking properly along the roadside and using reflective objects to increase their visibility.

The speed of the vehicle is the most important factor influencing the severity of consequences in pedestrian accidents. Studies show that pedestrians are more likely to suffer merely minor injuries in a collision with a vehicle traveling at a speed of around 30 km/h. In a collision with a vehicle driving at 48 km/h, the probability of serious and fatal injuries is 50%, and in a collision with a speed of 64 km/h, the probability of fatal injuries to a pedestrian is already 90%.

skica hitrost visinaTherefore, it is extremely important to respect speed limits in the vicinity of settlements and in settlements, and to take into account that pedestrians have priority at marked pedestrian crossings.

Let them cross the road safely!

The picture shows a comparison between the speed of the vehicle in a collision and a fall from a height.

 As can be seen, the impact of a vehicle on our body at a speed of 50 km/h is equal to a fall from a height of 10 m.

At a speed of 100 km/h, the force of the impact is equal to a fall from a height of 40 m, which means a high probability that the pedestrian will receive extremely serious injuries or that he will not survive the collision.

The upper speed limit of the vehicle, which still gives the pedestrian a chance to survive, is therefore 50 km/h, and the optimal speed is 30 km/h.