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After a lengthy period of bad weather, a beautiful sunny weekend is ahead of us. Consequently, more road users, especially motor vehicles, are to be expected on the roads.

Unfortunately, despite regular recommendations of the police to road users to remain tolerant, safe and responsible on the road and elsewhere, barely a weekend goes by without accidents with fatal results.

Some drivers are convinced that beautiful weather allows greater speed, which is completely wrong.
The worst accidents happen in beautiful sunny weather, when the roads are dry.

That is why we offer the following useful advice and warnings to all road users:

  • Adjust your speed not only to fall within the speed limit, but also so that you don't overestimate your own driving competence and experience. Pay respect to the road specifics and current conditions.
  • Safety belts for drivers as well as passengers are mandatory, in accordance with the Road Transport Safety Act).
  • Only drive when your psycho-physical condition is appropriate - alcohol, drugs, psychoactive medicines, psychoactive substances and exhaustion have a significant impact on the safety and reliability of drivers. Be sober and rested when you take a car trip!
  • In order to avoid traffic congestion due to heavy traffic, car accidents, construction sites on roads and toll stations, always stay updated with the information provided on traffic conditions, and leave home only when you expect to avoid traffic congestions. If you cannot avoid congestion, remain patient.
Bearing in mind that the tragic consequences of fatal accidents cannot be undone, the Police appeal to all road users
to behave tolerantly, cautiously and responsibly - for their own safety and the safety of others!

Activities of the Police

The Police will be present in problematic locations (e.g. congested areas due to traffic jams or car accidents). In compliance with their responsibilities and competence, the Police will be of assistance to road users. The Police will also be present on parallel roads where traffic is not so heavy but is problematic due to the consequences of car accidents.

In case of standing columns of vehicles on motorways and other roads, where congestion is anticipated, the Police will supervise traffic and take strict measures against drivers who choose to overtake, drive in reverse or pass other vehicles by using the overtaking or emergency lane despite the traffic sign prohibiting overtaking.

Traffic control for driving under the influence of alcohol will be frequent, as in the upcoming season, the frequency of alcohol as the cause of car accidents is comparable to that in December.